No Jermaine

Wendy just called to say that Jermaine has had some seizures so won’t be able to arrive today.

She’s probably telling the truth but I am also concerned that maybe not enough effort is being made to take him out at all. I don’t mean if he is genuinely having a bad day but rather on days when he’s happy and well when they should be grasping the chance.

The other day I noticed they were very short staffed there. They were muddling through but they were clearly stressed. The other client they have there was obviously causing them some concern they actually said there were things he expected them to do which they’d agree to do which they could not do because they were short staffed.

I am hopeful that the staffing thing is a glitch because I know they are interviewing but even so, it doesn’t account for the fact that Jermaine is not getting out.

Something else I also noticed was that they seem to be doing the cooking elsewhere as well and I hope that is not a move to communal living again whereby everyone has what is being prepared rather than each flat has it’s own menu.

I shall be bringing these things up in the meeting we have shortly for sure.

On another note, Daisy is dating again (Sam)

It’s quite amazing how much he reminds me of my first boyfriend (back when he was thin of course)

Matt and Annie are still together which has to be good.

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