You see, this is what happens when I don’t pay attention!

I forget to write anything to the blog and, it’s not like there isn’t anything to write as loads has happened, it is more a case that I keep putting off.

The week following my last entry we had a meeting at the Coach House in Corby about Jermaine. It went as well as I’d expected it to. The only complaint from just about all sides was the total lack of will on the part of the company to get required jobs done.

That weekend we went to see ‘Stardust’. It was a last moment choice but a very good one as it was excellent.

Then along rattled half term and we’d booked to go to Calais a day with the girls, stay over there and also in Kent taking in visiting friends and seeing my dad and Kath as well. French trip went real well. I doubt I will ever accept the stupidity of the border control people in the UK. It is always the British that cause the issues.

“Where have you been sir?”
“Where exactly sir?
“Oh, here and there, how exact do you want me to be as we’ll be here for ages if I actually list everything”
“Just tell us where you have been sir?”
“OK, We went to the hotel near the Cité Europe shopping Mall, it was the Etap, quite basic but good value for money. After that we went over the road to Cité Europe and had a meal, wandered around the shops, you know window shopping, getting prices. After that we drove over the way to the Auchan store, did the same sort of thing there and then went back to the hotel. In the morning we …. “
“That’s OK sir”
“No, wait, I didn’t tell you about our trip to Belgium yet”
“Oh yes? What did you do there sir exactly”
“Nothing, you know, drove there, saw it was Belgium and came back again”

“Did you buy any cigarettes sir?”
“Really sir?”
“Are you sure?”

They went on to ask how we were connected to each other and I informed them that the girls were my daughters and John was my partner, they then upset the girls by saying they could see the likeness

What they don’t do is ask if they can really look at the car for stuff. They take our word for it when we say we are not carrying anything on their list of prohibited items such as ‘bombs or weapons’. I mean, of course any self respecting terrorist is going to own up to that quick smart!

We spent a lovely time with Rosie and Steve when we returned to the UK. Not seen them since their wedding and they are great fun. They cooked an excellent meal as well.

We also had a great time at the Harringtons 🙂

I have barely been given any ‘me’ time in ages. It just never seems to happen during the day so I have to grab it of an evening. There is always someone who needs me for something. To resolve an argument, to help out, to just ‘be there’ or whatever. These are not huge requests of any individuals but I am only one person coping with the demands of many and it can get very tiring indeed if I can’t have at least one hour every day when I can be guaranteed to be 100% left alone with no loud noise to disturb me. As it stands it’s unusual for me to get to bed much before 02:00, quite often much later.

Have tried to get feeds for this thing sorted by not sure it is really working. As best as I could get it should be at but I am told it is not working … well, I tried.

Some of the local fireworks have been impressive.

Matt has a flat now and is just waiting on his move date.

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