Beds, Books and Buttons … (and other stuff)

Yes, Beds to start off with … some sofa beds are simply only fit for sitting on and even then their use is questionable! Trust me on this one, a solid base on which to lay is not good for the back or any other part of the body and boy did I so not get a lot of sleep in a recent sleep out. Memo to self … take something soft to lay on next time.

Just finished my latest book ‘Eric’ and along with the one I read previously, ‘The Colour of Magic’ I have to say I was disappointed. Terry Pratchett just does not write consistently good books. Both of these seemed to have either no real end as in ‘The Colour of Magic” or, a very weak one such as ‘Eric’ It is almost as though he didn’t plan on ending the book there but ran out of ideas so cobbled something together for the last few pages.

I am back to wearing a zipper jean now after a while of buttons. The problem is that with buttons I don’t bother doing them all up so never actually touch them at all. Switching back to the zip I have to remind myself to do it and more often than not, I don’t!

A friend of mine has just recently been told he’ll most likely be made redundant come January. I think he himself said some time ago he felt as though he was stuck in a rut but not so much as to gamble on a career change from such a steady job. I so hope that this is his chance to do something which really makes him happy and excited about his work. I hope he gets something positive from the experience because he’s a really nice guy and deserves some happiness from his career.

Less than a week to go now before Deej and I head south to Disney and I am really excited about it. Not so much that it will get me yet further into debt and that I am going to get yet even further into debt when I get back … the start of 2008 is not going to see me well financially and with further promised expenses looming early in the new year I have to confess to being moderately concerned.

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