A New Start

Matt moved out today and it feels very weird indeed. I can’t get to grips with never asking him what time he is going to be home or whether Anne is staying or not. It’s actually quite emotional as now 50% of my babies have flown the nest, I am half way there to being redundant.

The first major move around happened at home today as well with the office getting a face lift. It needs painting but that can wait. Matt’s old room needs painting too and that’ll get priority. Of course, I may just not bother painting either but rather just use some tasteful pictures instead, it’ll certainly be a lot quicker.

Tomorrow we have loads of stuff to take over to the tip an desk to go to Nick. Both Deej and me feel quite crap. Him because he has a cold and me as I done my back a mischief yesterday. Most certainly a lot of the work tomorrow will be done by Matt and the girls!

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