My Typical lazy day

Today I decided that I’d have a no pressure day where I didn’t have to have any pressure at all and just chill out.

So, in a relaxing way I got up at 7am and then had to tell Zoey to get out of bed and got moaned out for my efforts. Then I chatted to my Dad (that was OK). Then I took Daisy to school followed soon after getting back by taking Deej to the doctor to get his feet sorted. Home again just before dad left at 9:45

I got a call and then an email from CSCI, I was right. He said from the information I have given him that the home would potentially be breaking CSCI rules by not allowing Jermaine to have a webcam and gave me reference to the rules relating to that. Any connection between a webcam and a CCTV device depends on usage and location and neither of those apply as it is not being used as a security device and as his place is self contained, no other service users are involved so it isn’t a civil liberties issue. That may be good news but I suspect the home is still going to object.

I had to deal with an incident between Deej and Zoey whereby Deej offered some help to Zoey and she told him to ‘fuck off and mind your own business!” That took my available relax time before Robin got here.

I did get a sleep this afternoon as I was feeling rough and wanted to not sleep through the Mikado this evening. On waking me Deej said that Jermaine was unconscious and being taken to hospital, it didn’t look good. Even so I took the decision that I had promised Robin so I was going to go out. I sat through the entire first half quite numb. To be honest, had I had nothing to worry about I may have done that anyway as the chorus was not exactly making an effort and I could barely understand a work of it. During the interval I called the Coach House and was told that Jermaine was home again and whilst not very well was ‘safe’ and had a urine infection. That was a hell of a relief.

The trouble is, one of these days I may make the wrong call and have to live with the fact that I was doing something else whilst my son lay dying. I don’t know how I’d cope with that if it happened.

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