“New Boy” by William Sutcliffe

Friday 9th Feb 2001 … maybe that is the key, the reminder of the date and an email from Tony sent this day 7 years ago.

The play “New Boy” is actually a false lead to me. For ages now I have assumed that this play was “The History Boys” but I know now it wasn’t. Thankfully I archived every email Tony ever sent me else I may never have remembered what the play was or where we saw it … I assumed it was Hemel but it turns out it was Bedford.

Anyway, this waffle is not making a lot of sense to anyone but me.

When I first heard about ‘The History Boys’ I thought of Tony. I don’t know why exactly but somehow there was this link in my mind. Thinking about it, that it is set in a grammar school and is about rather well educated boys (no doubt cute) would instantly relate to Tony.

well, we went to see ‘New Boy’ which is quite similar in some respects back in 2001 and Tony got somewhat emotional about it. I presumed at the time that it mirrored quite closely his own schooling.

Having now watched ‘The History Boys’ I know, or ‘I think’ I know Tony would have approved and possibly very much so.

It got me thinking about Tony, never quite miserable but then, never quite happy either. He was not one to pass up a good grope if given the chance.

Long story short, one of the guys in the movie dies and they do a memorial service for him and it was quite upsetting, got me thinking about Tony and the play we went to see 7 years ago this week. As ET would say: “Ouch”

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