How very dare they!

… Complain that I have not made a blog entry recently!

Seriously though, not a lot has been happening of late to make an entry.

The DLA people are still querying the decision of the tribunal which is obviously delaying things. I need to call them again tomorrow to see what is going on.

This week we have seen delivery of a new TV which we will keep here but Jermaine will have our old TV which is a better set but suits his needs more than we need it. Along with that he’ll have a nifty multimedia hard drive to stream all his movies, songs and pictures to the TV. One last thing is that he has a laptop now as well (again) so we have effectively reinstated the system he used to have only with more of an upgrade. We will deliver all that to him on Monday when I have a van booked for.

I bought something on ebay recently and it has not arrived over a week later yet the seller was happy to take my money the same day. They have not replied to any of my messages either. Thankfully it is just £10 worth else I’d be really worried. It is just annoying that there are arsehole sellers out there.

We finally got some stuff here to repair the back windscreen on the car but it’s dead scary. The warnings on it most definitely make me think all future babies I could have would have at least 2 heads and possibly called Serge or something like that.

I checked out the price of a new roof for the car as I don’t like the colour of the one it has and it came back at somewhere around £800 so I don’t think I’d be doing that any time soon and there is no way it’d add that much to the value either so there is no way to justify it.

So far we still have no social engagements this year except for the holiday in May. This is so not on!

Oh, in case I forget … Robin, can you make yourself available around 09:30 on Monday? No great problem if you can’t.

There see, now you know why I have not written a blog, sod all happening!

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