Knackered of wot!

Started sorting out the girls rooms on Saturday. Both the bunks went early in the day via freecycle and a guy who took Zoey’s bed also dropped off a desk at the tip for us. Further to that, we have been invited round for coffee, how ever so very weird (but nice)

Started the painting and was soon feeling quite ill and rather sorry for myself. Went at it rather half heartedly but did at least manage to put together Zoey’s bed.

By Sunday I was feeling really bad and went to bed for a few hours, not a lot was really getting done.

Got up around 7 to greet Kay & Geoff, Jermaine, assorted carers, Matt & Anne. Maine was in a strange mood and managed to hit both Deej and Kay though I was spared.

Matt said something which made me think in that he and Anne were feeling ill when they were decorating but someone has to do it … that could have been me saying that so after they all left I got on with the decorating whilst Deej was in bed. He got up at some point and helped out. I think he went to bed around 5am and me at around 6.A stupid time to go to bed but at least I felt like I did something.

Was up again at 8 to take Daisy to school and do some shopping then back home and worked through until we finally finished everything at around 8:30 this evening.

Just had a bath and so know I should be in bed but I am crap at sleeping whilst the girls are still up and about. I may just skip tomorrow so if no one hears from me, don’t be too shocked.

My health is now predictably crap and I ache all over but at least I didn’t give up this time.

For the record, for interested parties, my phylosophy on married or partners guys who wanted to shag me was always the same, their problems were not my problems. I’d ignore them in the street but that would be my only concession.

Just started to read Mort seeing as I had to give up on ‘The Light Fantastic’ seeing as they have added that to the ‘Colour of Magic’ on Sky as I found out by watching part 1

Are we having fun yet?

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