Or, rather … not!

I put a deposit on the Megane earlier. I had to be realistic and appreciate that the Toyota was out of my reach for the age I wanted so I had to go for the best economy I could and that is the 1.6 Megane. It drives well, looks … well, see picture below. Only problem and hence the title, no cruise control 🙁

I could possibly have it fitted but I am already at the limit of my spending on it so it won’t be any time soon.

On the plus side it seems mechanically totally OK. Full Renault service history and it is being appropriately serviced before I collect it. On that note, I have had to move the collection date back a little as I need to get the road tax sorted. I can only do that when I have the V5 (log book) and the Post Office is never going to be open over that weekend so it has to be the Monday 9th June. I am not sure that would help Nick out at all unless he had a couple of days off work and then, Steve would need to as well so it’s probably a non starter. (sorry)

Missing Daisy still 🙁

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