Happy Birthday – Part 2

I have rarely been so pissed in my life … as, Alex, Matt & Zoey! OK, not strictly true, I am sure I have been way more pissed but it was really fun watching them. Oh dear, I seem to have skipped much of the day.

Well, I got up, had breakfast … oh bugger, too far back now! (insert sound of fast forward wind)

Deej, me, Daisy and Matt went over to the college and had a curry with Zoey which was better than I expected, not amazing but still worth the money. Prior to that I had an urge to go have a tea in Beatties … probably as it was the one placed I was assured of feeling young! Being a lovely day, sunny and 23° we went for a walk in Abington Park which was just right or the way I was feeling. Lots of squirrels, ducks and other beasties. Only the one greater spotted chav.

Collected Anne on our way home and I intended to have a shite and a shower … though not at the same time. Robin came over soon and we were having a tea … Robin wore his thanks to Freddie … I was then told I was being sent off to Milton Keynes with him, I just about had time for a wee before we went. I really wasn’t happy about the way I looked and really did need that shower not to mention a shave … there I go again, say ‘not to mention’ and I go and do it anyway.

Had a nice caramel frappachino in Starbucks (spell checker suggests ‘far-reaching’?) and then a general wander with me finding it increasingly obvious I was just being kept out of the way. I wasn’t sure from what but clearly, with the odd sly phone call, progress was being gleaned and I was drinking oodles of tea.

I was finally allowed to go home and noticed Jonny’s car outside with the window open so got that sorted and then went indoors hearing the sound of giggles from behind the living room door. When I went in I was so glad I didn’t have my mouth open as I was covered with party string and poppers straight off.

Already waiting for me were … Robin from town, Jonny, Matt, Anne, Deej, Daisy, Paul, Alex and …. yes, I think that may have been it. Later on Nick, Pete, Martyn and Andy arrived. It feels really humbling to have so many people want to be at a celebration of my existing but I am just so glad they are doing now rather than waiting until I am dead!

I could go on and on about the many wonderful events of the evening but I’d like to keep them to myself as a little treasured memory.

Surprisingly I was in bed earlier than I normally would have been which meant I was also up earlier as well to find that only Jonny and Alex remained from the night before and Alex didn’t look like he had got much more sober at all!

I obviously did get many gifts but that wasn’t the important part of the day to me. All that really mattered was that I was shown that I have great friends. I have an amazing boyfriend and incredible kids. Not that I didn’t already know that but to be reminded if only once a year makes me so exhilarated.

On a different note … I am dead nervous about tomorrow (Saturday) as it is when we are meant to sell the Sebring. I just want the cash in my hand and to see it driving away. Not that I want to see it go but rather than I do really want an easy transition between one car and another and not to have go through the process of advertising and selling again.

So, hopefully off to Huddersfield again Monday to collect the Megane.

Today we are in Stoke Bruerne for a meal with the carers centre. This whole week has been a diet disaster. I am losing weight steadily but still have a long way to go. This week has been a gastronomic challenge for sure.

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