Mobile Again

Tis definitely the right weather for flies …. where did they all come from and why don’t they go back there?

Well, we took oursen off to S Yorkshire again today to collect the Megane. Feeling reet hungry we sat us to t’local chippie for our lunch and it were reet grand. Not only that, it tasted good too.

Meanwhile, pretending I have an accent what is my own for a bit … I was a little disappointed at how the town of Holmfirth had been transformed into almost a theme park tribute to ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. It was almost as bad as Stratford-Upon-Avon with its ‘Shakespeare woz ‘ere’ all over the place. It’s a shame as the place doesn’t need it. Anyone who watches the show would recognise the locations straight off without the slightest hint, those who don’t probably wasted their time visiting it for that reason. As it happens, we were not there for the show at all just collecting the car so I felt justified in making my critical comment of what is otherwise a magnificent Yorkshire town.

The Megane is not perfect but it is still quite cool. It lacks the umph of the Sebring naturally but much of the comfort is still there and it has some quite nifty features, I just love the ‘non’ key.

Anyway, those that want to can have a drive in it, many already have and I’ve not been home more than 4 hours yet!

As an aside … isn’t everything?…. as predicted, the DLA folks have appealed the tribunal decision.

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