End of an Era?

Well, not exactly but there was something I found out earlier which pissed me off a little … Costa Coffee have bought the café at Tesco Mereway. This is the end of the sub £1 tea and coffee for sure.

Further to that and arguing a green agenda, Tesco are stopping the provision of carrier bags as of September though they will still have some available for a fee … once again, the poor pay to be green whilst the rich don’t notice. We have tons of bags here but they may well start to fall apart quite soon.

Deej has been on a Babylon 5 watching drive today … he has watched loads of episodes and slept threw a whole lot more! Strangely, I am quite enjoying the series except not quite enough to watch it one episode after another all day long.

The girls got the house looking amazing earlier and well deserved the treats we bought back from Tesco.

Spoke to Renault UK again, a guy called ‘Wesley’. Whilst I was not able to get them to pay anything I did at least get the guy to open up and be honest with me. Up until I spoke to him they were all for me spending another £88 for a diagnosis and then seeing what good will gesture they were going to come up with. Eventually I put it to Wesley that if they discovered it was a manufacturing fault, would they do the job without it costing me more than £100, he said ‘not a chance’. I may not have liked that answer but it was obvious he was going out on a limb to say it and was polite all the way through, well done him.

The site I used to use regular, Kagoul, is awful now. They are so fixated on their witch hunt that just about everyone is suspected of being a ‘troll’. They are all at each others throats, claims of supporting their mates, doing the right thing and various other comments. I doubt there is any chance they will ever give it a rest and forget previous grievances with other members and move on. They’ve not yet named me as a troll, but they will. Soon after that the webmaster will also be called a troll and all out war will be declared! I check it now out of cusiosty and just in case a sensible thread is started.

MySpace is still cool, nice to log on and see friends there. Outeverywhere is OK too. They are my net haunts these days when I am not out enjoying the weather, visiting friends, playing on the Wii, watching TV, cooking, cleaning and so on…

On Sunday 3rd August it is Deej’s birthday … I am trying to get as many people here as possible from 5pm onwards … it’s proving to be a little tricky but shall see what happens.

Weather permitting I think we may go to Brighton Pride next Saturday. It’s totally mad to do the 260 miles in one day but not to means making some lame excuses and I can’t be doing with that. Turns out that loads of people I know are gonna be there as well so will be interesting to see if we collide with anyone. Of course, if there is rain forecast then shall have to give it a miss..

Got the end of August sewn up at long last … yay! Friends and family in one weekend.

Sunday we find out when the outlaws can have the girls … please don’t be clashing with what I have already arranged!

Feeling great right now … no reason.

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