A person on an online forum asked recently if it is slander to post something such as my previous blog entry complete with picture of the other person?

To be honest, I am not sure what the law has to say on the matter but common sense to me would say that anything online is quite public unless it specifically says otherwise. The copied text is accurate and unedited so cannot be seen as slander because it speaks for itself. The reader makes his or her own judgement on the content. The picture may well be subject to copyright, that is questionable and quite possibly difficult to prove.

As the person in question made a point on the same forum of using information gleaned from this blog to use as a weapon against me I’d say it was certainly fair game. This is not something I’d do generally as can be seen from elsewhere on my blog. I figure that if a man wants to source his information from somewhere other than the forum he’s posting to about an individual then he’s going to have to accept that individual using the same source by way of a balance.

On a more interesting subject because this blog is, after all, my own publicly available but personal space ….

Work is amazing – just in case there is someone out there in interweb land who wants to cause trouble – even though I don’t get paid it still feels thougroughly worthwhile. I am learning so much and also teaching a great deal as well. I am already feeling like part of a team.

There are a lot of exciting technology changes going on there and I look forward to working with them.

The weather is shit … enough said.

My car is working really well, I have no idea seeing as a week or so ago it was dyeing. It’s like it decided I wasn’t going to fix it so gave up being stupid. I have now got cruise control working and so too the air conditioning, nice to have some air in there especially with not being able to drop the roof.

I have recently been editing years worth of home movies and loving it. I discovered yesterday that I had footage of the day Daisy was born actually in the labour ward. I didn’t record the birth as I kept that as a special moment which happens only once but moments before and after are captured actively shutting Daisy up for moaning there are very few baby pictures of her! There is one more Disney movie to create from 1999 I think and then I can start going through each captured video and extracting events from it. My plan is to drop quite a lot of stuff just into a yearly movie scrap book and play around with the editing to create some montage and other interest methods for compressing the information in as short a time as possible. I hate that any home movie is more than 15 minutes.

Back to work on Friday. Tomorrow I think I am meeting up with Matt & Anne which will no doubt cost me! I don’t much mind though.

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