Thursday 14th August

I have slept a lot of today, I guess I must have needed it.

Indeed, didn’t really do much at all except go into town and meet Matt & Anne.

My achievements for today, as I like to have some, would be about 3 new home movies and a catalogue of all the stuff I have captured right now. Quite looking forward to watching them on a full size TV. I edited a Disneyland Paris video from 1999 as well. This is odd as it is the only ever Disney video I have edited which didn’t involve Christmas. This one was Halloween themed so made a change to source some new music for it. The 2000 holiday to Salou looks like it could be fun with the music choice.

Tomorrow I am going to catch up on some things at home and possibly go into work for a while.

Tomorrow the weather is forecast to be mainly sunny so I guess that means it’ll be pissing down again.

My apologies to anyone who has had trouble finding the blog. I have been the victim of a little stalking. I only really write this for me but also considering that some others who know me in the real world may read it as well. It seems some internet contacts have been dropping in to shit stir as well, clearly they don’t have anything better to do.

Been buzzing a little lately because I have been in an incredibly good mood on the whole.

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