There is someone ‘up there’ with an evil sense of Humour

I swear that as far as bad luck goes I have to be one of those who simply attract it or, as is probably the case and assuming there is some higher place, someone ‘up there’ is taking the bleedin’ piss!

Yesterday my home server started to die. It took me a fair while to narrow that one down to a dud graphics card. Thankfully I had a spare in the attic. You know I have these issues with the car? Yeah, well, they just got a whole lot worse.

Driving earlier on and the car started to shudder at the lights. Then it was sluggish pulling away and a few moments later there was a thump and warning light saying ‘check gearbox’. Well, I guess that probably means my gearbox is fooked and, even if it isn’t I have to throw another £90 away to get Renault to diagnose the problem. If this one comes back without needing a £1000+ repair I would be shocked.

With the DLA appeal for Jermaine it turns out that once again the tribunal service have screwed up and it’s been sitting on a desk for two months misfiled. It’s pointless anyway seeing as it’s almost certain to go to some idiot who can’t see there is no case to answer, gets confused by it and sends it off for a full hearing which delays for a further 2 years or so.

I need a large injection of cash readily. This car is bleeding me dry and I can’t even sell it until it is all fixed again. Even then I have a gamble of whether it is then going to stay fixed in which case I need to stick with it or whether it is going to carry on being a money pit and bleed me dry.

Am almost certain to lose loads of money on the sale, probably about £1000. If I am lucky I may get £7000 for it but that’s not really enough to keep me mobile and I so won’t have any cash spare to maintain any further bad car choice. Unless some small miracle happens I think I may have to accept that quite soon I just don’t have a car.

My finger is becoming extremely painful. The pain killer is barely touching it. The doc said she couldn’t find anything wrong but suggested it is probably just my arthritis playing up, joy.

The irony is, much of my life is going well at the moment. The downs are just enough to stop me really enjoying this period and I am so pissed off about it!

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