Have a little ‘Respect’

I was really sad to learn that Respect Holidays had gone bust. If ever a company deserved support to keep going it is that one. If I win Euro Millions this Friday I am buying the company and keeping it going because it is so rare to find a group of people so dedicated to their customers.

Updating the saga of my car … the final bill was £350 which is a lot less than expected but, I suspect, just keeping the car ticking over until the next time. I still noticed a slight rattle on start up earlier suggesting this dephaser pulley issue has not gone away and, from what I have read, may have caused the failures I have just paid to have repaired. That being the case I could be back here again with an expensive bill in a month or two. Whilst that start up rattle is there I also cannot sell it as any potential buyer is likely to notice it. Will test it over the next few days to see how it goes.

Not news because it has not happened and is still in the serious thought stage but I am near certain now that we shall go to Disney Resort Paris before the end of this year unless another cash crisis erupts. (“it probably will” said Eeyore)

My thanks to the weather for being kind on Friday and Saturday despite probably doing so to piss me off that my convertible was in the garage. It did mean we had a great time at a party on Saturday.

Hopefully a certain person will think very hard about the advice I have given recently. We are the choices we make and others see what we create. It actually doesn’t matter what we look like if we don’t like ourselves then we won’t be attractive to anyone else. Well, with the possible exception of young twink types of course who really will look attractive most of the time no matter what. For us older guys though people will see the attitude first. Most guys are not attracted to self pity and regret and both are totally avoidable.

I have found that if I tell people and write that I am proud of myself, I have confidence and don’t care that I am over weight because I am happy, that I have been most convincing over the years to the point I can’t remember not feeling like that.

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