The weekend following the shitty Friday

It was lovely to spend some time with Andy who was smelling great after giving up smoking … long may that continue.

In the evening we drove to Ian & Richard’s in Twickenham, I only managed one slight detour and that was because I got distracted by music and roadworks, made a speedy recovery though so no harm done.

I was shocked, in a good way, at just how many familiar faces were there whose names I knew. It is easy to forget just how many lives have crossed paths over the years and it was a nice reminder.

I was particularly impressed with Jason who looked wonderful. He always has but somehow he seemed more so. He also seemed quite happy to be playing with Andy as well.

Am not going into details or who I met there or what we spoke about. Suffice to say it was all good and enjoyable but probably dead boring to anyone else.

Who did we see naked? Hmm, Charlie! Saw Adam’s bum … and other things.

The journey home was easy though we stopped by Toddington services for a coffee as I was flagging. Arrived home around 2:45. By that time I had woken quite a bit so didn’t actually get to bed until around 06:00!

Jermaine came over on Sunday for another enjoyable visit.

Monday we went to Milton Keynes to discuss with the Toyota dealers about buying a Prius. I called before I left to make sure it was still avialable and was told it was and then, when we got there it was a case of suddenly not being available again so I was none too pleased and less so when they offered just £5000 for the Renault! Some people know how to take the piss.

Still, not to get too pissed off we went to Ikea for lunch but The Abbey called first and I had a long conversation with one of their managers who seemed to think it was OK to call a full time carer ‘unemployed’. I have written an email of complaint to Abbey head office but as they have not even acknowledged the one I sent two weeks ago I doubt I shall get any further with it. I think the company are just a bunch of shits who don’t give a toss about their customers any longer and shall switch away from them as soon as funds allow.

Been reasonably busy at work today. Still enjoying it. Worked a little this evening as well and am now rather knackered and wondering why I’ve not gone to bed.

Tomorrow I have to get Zoey to the dentist again to have another couple of teeth out. I am not sure which of us is looking forward to it least!

Hoping Martyn is enjoying Gran Canaria. Got a little worried that I’ve been contacting him a bit too much since he got there. I really just hope he has a great time and relaxes.

hands hurting now, too much typing today!

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