Totally Bonkers

That’s me … but in a good way

Yesterday evening Daisy got a plea from help from a 16 year old friend. She couldn’t deal with it. Basically and without too many details … he has had a troubled home life and his health has also not been too good. Indeed, he only came out of hospital after surgery for a ruptured appendix on Wednesday. Last evening (Thurs) his mother thought it’d be a good idea to kick him out and he really didn’t have anywhere to go. I spoke with him for some time and it certainly appeared his need was quite high.

So, I decided to do the right thing and he’s now asleep in bed upstairs.

I am totally bonkers because he wasn’t living in Northampton but in Folkestone! He moved there with his family a month or so ago from Northampton. He’s obviously in a lot of pain emotionally and physically.

Of course, after having just driven around 300 miles, I am knackered.

I reckon I did the right thing … his mother is aware he is in Northampton, she seemed not to care either way. Social Services have been involved with the family up here and he has already said he will have to contact his social worker which we may do some time tomorrow. (Today)

OK, 04:33 seems like a good time to sod off to bed!

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