I have not felt so tired as I do this week in ever such a long time. This morning I so didn’t want to go into Birmingham for work. I was dozing off on the coach and actually did drop off for a while on the way back.

Still no takers for the Megane, I think I need to reconcile myself to getting the trade in price and feeling lucky to have it seeing as it has to be better than sod all! It means things will be a little tight for a few months but I can live with that.

This week has been real busy sorting things out for James. I don’t begrudge a moment of it as he’s actually a really great kid who really needs some looking after but with work as well it has proven a little much.

In light of that and with it being half term next week, I’ve decided not to go into work.

Tomorrow is mega busy … gotta get Zoey to orthodontist then over to see Sally Keeble MP abou Jermaine then getting Zoey to her mums then Daisy & James to Matt’s during which time Martyn will be here and then we are going out somewhere in the evening for a meal … then, on Saturday I am having to collect Zoey from the Eastern District at 09:30 to get her to ICE for 10:00, back home … no doubt collecting peeps around 4 … who knows, someone may want to look at the car … I’ll be in panic mode in case some emergency crops up … have to confess, I really want this to work with and for James. Anything going wrong prior to approval from social services could screw it all up so fingers crossed.

At least Social Services have approved James coming to Disney with us so I can get that booked up soon, well, as soon as I get the new car as I need the reg number.

Nearly midnight, head throbbing … guess where I am going!

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