OK, the ‘blimey’ comes later …

Today has been mostly spent with Robin finally getting around to fitting shelves up in his cupboard.

I chose the design last week but today has been the first time to actually put it up. Matt & James worked brilliantly together and done a brilliant job, I have been very proud of the two of them. I am also dead pleased at how well they get on. It’s hard to believe James has not been part of this family for years and it is a credit to both of them that they have adapted to the change.

Now, to the main event … Deej was about to make a cup of tea for himself. I was in the office, James was upstairs and the girls in bed. We heard an almighty scream with crashes and bangs. The kitchen cabinet had come off the wall hitting Deej on the head and was hanging by one screw only. Bits and pieces were all over the place. Thankfully the cut on his head was just minor and was soon treated by the in house nurse (that’ll be me). The wall is a right mess though. The council are so going to hear about this tomorrow, I am not a happy bunny. Had this been Zoey or Daisy it had happened to the consequences could have been a lot more serious.

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