Finally today the IT team who didn’t do their job right admitted they had made a mistake and the company website is up and running again.

My Mazda should be back tomorrow – Yay!

Erm, the plan we had to be Robin’s official Carer failed. It turned out that by making it official it actually cost over £35 which is crazy. According to this government, all a person needs to be a full time Carer (35 hours a week) is 48p an hour! That is all which gets added to the benefits we receive already. Of course, the going rate for being a full time Carer not on benefits works out at only £1.44 an hour, so much for minimum wage!

It makes me really angry how badly Carers are treated in this country!

I made a cock up on wedding invites by forgetting it was more complex than just sending out invites at random. We re restricted to just 40 at the ceremony so I do have to be brutal with the invites. Because our Civil Partnership is just before the wedding of James and Daisy we have decided that the guests at our event also have to be suitable for theirs. That both increased the guest list and decreases it in other areas. So, we have thought the plan shall be, invite our 40 (or so) and then those we could not find room for can join us back at the house afterwards.

What this does not take count of is those who seem to have invited themselves thinking it is OK just to show up anyway. That is why the best men will be instructed who is and is not on the guest list for the Guildhall. Anyone not on it will just have to wait outside, sorry and all that but I want to be able to breath in there!

Saw the first picture of my grandchild earlier, I had a little tear.

I had planned to go visit some people this week, sorry, that didn’t happen. Tomorrow also is full of activities, rather annoying as it happens.

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