Twitter ye Not

Twitter, no plans, so that finished that subject!

What have I been doing all week then? You know, since I stopped spending all my time trying to get back up and running with my hosting company?

Well, I have been trying to get the works website uploaded but, as per usual, I am awaiting the IT guys to actually do some work. Apparently their email is dead, I am not shocked.

I am still spending money like it is going out of fashion with very little to show for it. Next week I am sort of planning on doing a build in the kitchen as I am losing the table from there. I see a breakfast bar with 6 stools and an empty space where my money once was.

The weather, once it stopped raining today, has been lovely … except, it was 21°C but didn’t feel like it. Apparently, according to the BBC in a hopefully obvious error of fact, today is the hottest day this year. I am just hoping they meant “So far!” On the plus side, Florida promises to be hotter! Sod’s law says it will be 36°C there and 40°C here! But, then again, weather here may have, it will not have buffet breakfast at Ponderossa, it will not have, Disney, it will not have Universal, Seaworld or Busch Gardens. BHS do not, as yet, serve jambalaya and the town centre does not have a white sand beach anywhere nearby … Hunstanton really doesn’t come close, get real! Yay, we’re going to Florida … did I mention we were going to Florida, that’s in the United States of America you know.

Weight continues to leave me which means I am either being very good or I am about to die from some horrible desease … I am hopeful of the former option!

Happy birthday to Tony, wheresoever.

Happy birthday to Sean, get some new boxers.

Happy birthday to Anna, sorry, meant to say that in person, my bad.

Is it illegal still to shoot noisy kids from the office window? It does seem terribly justified right now.

Bored writing now, ttfn

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