Funny thing about injuries in muscles … unlike cuts and breaks, muscles can apparently just keep getting worse. My shoulder is almost unbearable at times now.

My Physio bloke reckons I’ll make a complete recovery but, well, it just keeps getting worse. The session today was really very painful indeed. I tolerated it because last week was also painful yet, when completed, I felt better.

He did ask me today if my arm was hurting at all, my ‘left’ arm. A lot of the pain I am getting is in my upper chest. No, my arm doesn’t generally hurt … except when I am typing, holding just about anything, you know, nothing much šŸ™

Daisy, I don’t think, enjoyed her birthday very much. There have been some stresses lately. I have done my best to mediate and sort things out but, basically, there is not a lot I can do right now.

My mind just wandered, I was thinking, the guy who invented underpants, was his surname Dickenham?

Hi Danny, yes, shame about that puddle in the way else I’d nip over for a chat.

Managed to get a battery for my PDA from the US today, like a great many things, it arrived before stuff I ordered from the UK!

Not sure where this is going so, am going to stop now before I say something which makes sense

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