Interweb aside

In a previous post about James, it may have come across as though I am wishing he fails and goes back to his old ways. I am anything but. What has happened over the last couple of weeks has hurt me deeply. I love James like he is one of my own. Being told by someone they cannot stand being in the same house as me because I am so horrible, not once, but twice hurts like crazy. Clearly it is quite possible that my writing clouds my feelings or doesn’t show them, I wanted it clear.

I will never give up on James. Even if I cannot do anything myself he shall always be a part of me, in my mind and I will always want the best for him. The trouble here is, what may be the best for him can actually be really difficult for everyone to live through.

As I have told James many times, he is basically an amazing guy. When I say ‘amazing’ I use the word how it is meant. He has had a shite childhood and he has been screwed up by the system, become institutionalised. Getting out of that is going to be really hard. He is going to have to let so much go, make so many changes, he may not be able to. If he does, the rewards will be awesome, it will be worth it.

We really needs his friends and family right now to back him up. He doesn’t need advice, he needs support, some respect to make his own decisions. His biggest problem lately has been well meaning people confusing him, offering him crazy, unworkable options which seem good but offer disaster for him.

Anyways, Lego Batman is calling so, if you will excuse me.

BTW … Can people keep fingers crossed for me for Thursday, I am not going to say why but I am shitting bricks.

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