Update on Daisy

Daisy is back. She is trying to find a way her and James can be together and I am supporting her as a long term plan. I have no idea yet what she’s gonna come up with but I am sure she’ll make the right decision

My long term plan is still that she and James shall one day be together as a loving family with the baby, careers, the normal sort of thing. I do know, for sure, that James has a lot of work to do before Christmas … yes, I just mentioned the ‘C’ word as that will be the first big family occasion after the baby comes along.

Gonna go cook a really yummy dinner with Daisy now … tomorrow we are off to see the new Star Trek movie

As an update on me … they would not check my throat today, I need to see a GP, get them to write and go that way, stupid by ‘rules’

Had my ears cleaned out, I can now hear in my right ear again. I also had some new moulds taken so my hearing aids should be fully repaired in a few weeks and, already, no whistling. 🙂

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