Look, this is how it is.

What is it now? 8 months? Well, anyway, since October last year.
You know, ‘The James thing’. Summary … he lied and manipulated to get here in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, James has the potential to be an amazing guy, I am convinced that he is an amazing person but his inability to trust has ruined everything. I have worked harder to make things work for him than I have worked for anyone. I wanted to help him, I wanted, once I found out, to make it work for him and Daisy. Once I found out they were expecting a baby I tried to help him be a great dad but, he had a different agenda. James is so used to getting his own way and ‘his’ way that he couldn’t see that he could have what he wanted, everything he wanted just by waiting and being calm, enjoying life. He chose, instead, to be try for the quick route. It is what he does.
Everything which could be tried has been tried. Every compromise given. He has left so many times, offered so many apologies, left again, apologised and all along, insulted me and Deej, shown very little respect at all. The dumb thing is, I don’t think he actually dislikes us. I think he took his anger about his dad out on me particularly. I am just guessing but it seems to fit.
Daisy admits that only 2 out of 7 days can she go the whole day happy. That’s a right shame because James could have changed, made a real effort and it could have worked.
The problem is, he’s been so fixated on the end game of getting him and Daisy into their own flat he has totally ignored the before part whereby he proves to Daisy she can trust him.
Anyway, Daisy has been hurting mega amounts and finally, today she cracked. She gave him a chance to make it all OK but he rejected the chance and, instead, just insulted me more and would not agree with Daisy so …
… Time ran out, so did Daisy’s patience and, sorry to say, he and Daisy have finally parted.
She had no choice though, she desperately wanted him to agree to what he needed to agree to but it wasn’t to be.
James did eventually send an apolog text to me but, it was too late. He needed to have said it earlier instead of making things so much worse with his childish insults.
I can’t see a way of helping him any more, I’d hate to be him as he’s screwed up the most amazing thing he has so far had in his life.
Sorry James, I wanted to help, you rejected it over and over.

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