Tuesday 21 July

Another glorious day over here. Sun shining, we are being lazy. is 10:45, should prolly do something. Have thought about alligator hunting. Deej has not seen any yet, can’t be having that!

May just do Hollywood Studios though not many of the rides thanks to illness 🙁

Gonna drink a root beer now, sit by the pool … may just do that all day … good job we don’t have a fever seeing as we have all the other symptoms of swine flu. Dare not mention it though because we get quarentined for the rest of the holiday and cannot fly home until they are sure we are clear … sod that! We feel lethargic, we have sore throats and coughs. I’d say that barely qualifies as man flu let alone swine flu!

Got a new lappy … hence my bursting onto the net. It cost me 170 pounds but is on sale in the UK for 330 so quite a saving! It is diddy though, just a 10″ screen which fill up real quick but a lovely red colour (like that is important). It has WiFi and a built in card reader, no CD/DVD drive but I have a spare at home so no worries there. Got a built in webcam too … just amazing what is packed into this tiny little box …. if the keys were bigger I’d not be hitting the diddy backspace button so much!

Frogs … brown though, not green … some will know what I mean by that!

KFC is weird … biscuits and mash with gravy no coating on some of the chicken and … Dr Pepper on tap.

Gotta get up, my bum is telling me it needs some blood!

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