Back in the UK

Got back around 10am Weds … is now Sunday and I am still on US time on my head and it’s making me feel like crap. My body is begging me to go to bed but my mind is still telling me there is loads of day left. Never had jet lag like this before and it’s so annoying.

Trying to make this coming week into a more ‘normal’ week and shall be attempting to get to work on Tuesday, family pressures permitting.

Starting to get used to the new car now, it’s still weird but am getting there. Thought I may depress the throttle fully yesterday, it was reasonably effective considering it’s a real boring MPV.

Tons of pictures and video to edit, am not, as yet, ready to set my mind to anything like that which can just wait.

New lawnmower yesterday, entire lawn cut in 15 minutes … mega result!

Really miss Freddie 🙁

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