RIP … just the thought of the day, don’t panic

Was just on Facebook (no, I don’t live there). Someone commented about the passing of a friend and then, as people do, added the letters: RIP.

It got me to thinking, do I, would I want to? It’s like we have eternity to exist somewhere (if we believe such things) so, would we really want to be resting in peace or would we, perhaps, want to be a little outrageous occasionally?. I almost said “live it up” but, given the circumstances, that would be inappropriate. Don’t get me wrong, those very rare moments in my life (I can count them) when I have totally rested and been peaceful have been truly amazing. I am not talented enough with words to even start to describe my feelings at the time but, thankfully, I can feel them right now whilst writing this so at least ‘I know’ even if I cannot hope to convey it to you. So, I know the feeling but … would they be special moments if they lasted an eternity? Just that thought for a bit there did seem somewhere appealing given my current circumstances but my brain is somewhere screaming out at me that if I lose sight of the alternative, such that I have now, would I appreciate the peace? My guess is, I would soon get accustomed to it and then be looking for more out of … death. So, if I should expire, naturally or otherwise (that really is ‘when’), can I ask … don’t say RIP, say, ‘Be Happy’ instead because that, I am quite certain, would be an eternity to look forward to.

I was going to add something else on to this entry but, really, it belongs in an entry on its own.

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