An Early Night

I have decided to have an early night … I figure that in the US right now it is 7:20pm and that’s quite early so I am settling down for the night, US style.

Now, I have a lot of young people who have definite needs right now. Not all of them are my flesh and blood but, all the same, if no other bugger is going to be there for them then I damn well will be. The frustrating part is, at 46 I don’t have all the tools to be able to help them. My tool set is quite well stocked but I have some missing and some I don’t know how to use to the best effect.
If any of those young people are reading this, please stay with me. I will do my best, I just cannot promise it is perfection or good enough either first time or every time, sometimes we shall just have to work it out together.
There is no 4 month barrier, that’s a myth and probably just something which is self creating now.
Money problems don’t and certainly should never sort themselves out. We need to take control or our spending and stop relying on others to make up for our failings. Spending more than we have is entirely our own fault.
Point scoring achieves nothing except resentment. When there are issues, talk them through without having to be right. Enter every discussion prepared to be wrong or to say you are sorry. If I can admit to not always being right at 46 then you lot can some 20 years younger than me (30 years in some cases).
Life is too short to fuck up pointlessly. I always remember, my mum died when she was 52. I remember clearly being 5 and most certainly 16 and 20+ like it was yesterday, seriously. Yet, here I am just 6 years younger than mum was when she stopped.
You lot have 20 – 30 years before you get to my age. It seems like a lifetime, it really isn’t. You’ll have plenty of chances to screw up big time, give yourselves a break by not ever getting to a point where screwing up doesn’t matter any more. Get out of debt, no pointless arguments, don’t lie, grab the good that you have with both hands and hold on tight. One day you two will be alone in this world trying to cope, it’s bloody tough, trust me. Get it right now, open up your options, I don’t ever want to see any one of you on Jeremy Kyle!

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