Good weekend

It was lovely to see our friends at the weekend down in Kent. Shame they had to shoot off but we can’t help what they had arranged for weeks, it was great all the same even for one evening.

Josh was taken to the beach at Whitstable on Saturday, he slept! This is not, of course, unusual, he is only two weeks old. Only a little surprising because of the strong wind at the time.

What was nice was to get away from the stresses of home. Not that these are great, in fact, many of them are almost welcome such as having friends pop in, kids over for the weekend, that sort of thing, but, it is also nice just to get away and not ‘have’ to do anything.

Very good to see Sean and Daisy so good together and Sean seems to be bonding really well to Josh. That takes nothing away from James, he’ll always be Josh’s dad but it does add something to Josh’s life, an extra person to love him and we can all do with as many of those that we can find, he’s a very lucky little boy.

One thing I am a little miffed about is that we didn’t get any pictures of Steve & Rosie, we so should have done.

Back to Whitstable, have to be honest, not the best beach in the country but adequate as a first visit to the sea and, let’s face it, we were never going to be building sand castle or swimming anywhere this time of year so it didn’t really matter just where we went.

Both sets of Great-Grandparents had a chance to meet up with Josh and totally made the most of it loving every moment.

I cannot understand the thinking of the one Grandparent who chose not to make any effort. She neither could make any concessions in order to see Josh and she has not sent any gifts that she bought … she did make a bold claim of how she had been building up a supply of items which she would package up and send but, as with those of someone else, this mysterious package seems not to exist.

No matter, our little fella is well loved by his mum, dad and step-dad along with me and Deej and Grandma Kris so one Grandparent who can’t be bothered and another who doesn’t deserve him don’t count for much. Just a shame really, more for them than Josh, what he’ll not know he’ll not miss.

Today is going to be another busy one … well, for Daisy, Josh and Sean anyway, my busy time will be tonight (which is also today seeing as it is 01:14 right now). Me and Deej are on baby duty so we may not get a lot of sleep. Speaking of which, and considering the time … night night everyone.

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