Damn Monday!

Today, I keep being reminded, is ‘Monday’ … actually, it is 00:52 on Tuesday morning right now but you get my meaning.

Why is that significant? Well, it is if I have things to do on Wednesday and try to do them on Tuesday because I think Monday is Tuesday making Tuesday Wednesday.

I have a sore throat, yeah, you know, it kinda hurts but pain killers seem to settle it … I ache like hell as well, that could be the results of the flu jab Saturday …  also have an ear infection, I really should get that sorted … watch this space, I shall forget all week and remember at the weekend! Earlier, I bent over to sort out the dishwasher and puked, this is not good.

his blog has seen the last negative entry regarding James … I think Ihave been using this space to defend myself against untruths which have been shared but, in reality, it is now pissing me off all this tit for tat sort of stuff. Fom now on I am going to presume that people know me well enough to know the truth and, if not, to afford me the courtesy of asking. I figure, if a person can’t be arsed to ask then they probably either have little interest or they wouldn’t want to hear anyway so, either way, what is written here is either gonna be thrown back at me or seem somewhat pointless.

As it happens, I want a situation develop where I can just be dad and granddad, where I don’t get stuck in the middle taking the blame for being the messenger. With that in mind, I am taking a step back. I will help, advise or otherwise if asked and, I always do my best to keep everyone happy or reach a compromise. I need to concentrate more on me and Deej. Apart from our honeymoon, when I was ill, we’ve hardly spent any time together since we got married nearly 4 months ago now (believe it or not)

My last word on the matter is this … anyone who can help the situation of James, Daisy and Josh please speak to them and kindly help. Otherwise, maybe better all round if everyone just stay out of their business.

Let’s just get along, be friends … one way or another, we are family!

Now, is anyone interested, among yourselves, of taking bets on just when our car will get cleaned for the first time?

Am shattered now, off to bed … too late as usual  🙁

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