I was in a rush earlier so I did not get the chance to fully clarify this blog.

The idea was that I had somewhere to write down my thoughts as I had them because, by writing them down I purge them from my system. To be honest, and I am, people around me don’t always want to hear what is troubling me, they have issues of their own.

Who reads this? Well, virtually no one if truth be known. There are a select group of people who get it in their email, some half a dozen, all people who know me. There are some who know my but just check in now and then. What there also are, and this is where there are issues, are people who have been told it exists, local people, who read it to grab snippets from it out of context for whatever reason. It is that latter group I have had trouble with in the past and will continue to have trouble with for one good reason … they simply miss the point of this blog. Were it posted on the BBC website then there could be a very good argument for getting upset but it isn’t. Each of us know more people personally we could tell things to than read this blog, the level of damage it could do is so small it isn’t worth worrying about. It is just the ramblings of one man, me, based on how I feel at any given moment. One assurance I shall always give is that everything written here is based on either my personal experience, something I know to be absolute fact or something I have every good reason to believe is fact. What this blog offers is the ability to write comments. Yes, it is true that I approve any commnets but, so far, I have only rejected one because that comment was, frankly, just a homophobic attack with nothing contructive. The purpose had already been served by my reading it in the first place.

Should someone wish to challenge something I have written then, more than likely, I would allow their comment to appear. That doesn’t mean I may not counter their comment but, at least there is shown to be a dialogue. To leave a comment, all someone has to do is click the link which says ‘comments’ at the bottom of the entry.

As a word of caution, if someone passes on an extract of this blog, please, it has to be read in context. Without a date and time and the surrounding text it becomes unreliable.

If, during an entry, I am speculating, it is normally quite clear I am doing so and also my reasons for doing so, if in any doubt at all, contact me and I shall clarify.

Should I, by chance, say something that someone can show me is untrue, I will remove the entry with an explanation and, most likely, an apology, one such example occured around July 2009 should anyone care to check.

As a person I have been incapable of maintaining hatred toward anyone for more than a few moments. I can’t even keep a dislike going for that long before I have to question myself as to why. The only constant is trust. If someone breaks the trust with me then it does take ‘time’ to correct. How long that is I never know, I just know that I always get to the point eventually when I choose forget that I didn’t trust them and wipe the slate clean.

Communication is the key to working with this blog. If something offends then challenge it with me, if it is wrong, let me know why. Bitching about it behind my back serves no purpose, it isn’t contructive, no one can move forward from it.

Hopefully, this is now perfectly clear and I can get back to ‘business as usual’.

My email address, by the way, should someone wish to use that, is I am also on Facebook and msn using

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