Josh is smiling but …

We really just don’t seem to be in the same place as the camera when he does it and it’s dead annoying!

He smiles loads now and what a lovely smile he has too but, you’ll have to make my word for it unless you’ve seen him recently! But hey, we are here most days, come say hello if you know us, just a quick call first.

My throat is getting better, not better but ‘getting’ better. I can now eat with hardly any pain relief at all. I am quite deaf though, I think my tubes are well and truly screwed up this time.

Been ordering way too much stuff for Josh on Ebay but he’s worth it … so what if we don’t really have the money!

Am missing friends, barely seem to get time to do anything any more or, if I do, am just too tired.

Off to Corby later with Daisy and Josh, not sure if Sean will be around in time but maybe Sean too. I stupidly forgot to take Jermaine’s money round to Matt & Anne’s yesterday so am taking it up later. I figured, as I have to collect Daisy at 5:30 anyway from her friends house I just as well shoot straight off to Corby from there rather than keep going back and forth. She has no plans now for this evening anyway so it works out OK.

A reasonably quiet week ahead, only one meeting which will probably be totally pointless.

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