Newton Crowd Revisited

In the summer I made a statement about someone who lives over Newton Road. At the time, with the information I had, I thought what I said was an accurate reflection of what was going on there, what it was like. I have a very real reason to regret that posting.
One of the guys, Tom N, has totally proved me wrong from all accounts. He has taken total responsibility for his new family, given up some things which may have affected his judgement and is generally doing alright for himself.
Whilst I appreciate, he may not read this, I do want to write an apology to him using this format as it is the one I chose to be critical.
We are drawing 2009 to a close and I want the past firmly in the past (if that is possible)
Tom N, if we meet, I’d like to shake your hand. It is good to know that a younger person takes life seriously and doesn’t shy away from their responsibilities. I also know he must surely know just how lucky he is to be a dad which I think means way more to him than anything I have written in the past 12 months!
Well done Tom
PS, if someone who knows Tom could show him this, I’d appreciate it.

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