Busy weekend

Been visiting family all this weekend in Kent and Essex. Was wondering for a while, with the weather, whether we would make it or not. As it turned out, the weather was barely an issue.

Journey times were acceptable.

We had a lovely Christmas dinner with my dad and Kath though, not at all happy to hear about my dad and his health problems. I know I shouldn’t worry but I do only have one dad and it’s kind of important to me he’s OK. They also did us a nice tea as well, really looked after us. Both Sean and Daisy were in full clumsy mode but that made it all the more fun.

The hotel, a Holiday Inn Express, was OK. No aircraft noise despite being at the end of the runway! I couldn’t sleep much though as the room was too stuffy, I really need a window open and don’t do well with sealed units with or without air conditioning. The mattress too was cheap so I felt that each time I moved I disturbed Deej which just kept me awake more.

The following day, the Sunday, we travelled up to Basildon to visit my ex in laws and another lovely day even if I did sleep for quite a bit of it. Of that I was very please to be honest. Had I tried to stay awake I’d almost certainly have not been able to drive home.

Didn’t get home too late though so been able to relax a fair bit.

Could do without the extended family politics right on top of Christmas, that much is for certain but, I am of a mind now that I am just not getting involved for the rest of the week with that particular issue unless I have so much free time on my hands I don’t know what to do with it.

It’s 01:40 now and I have a wash load to sort out.

Finger crossed for Matt and Anne … love them to bits and really hope baby decides to pop out or, at least, make a good start before Tuesday. On the plus side, I get to have another grandchild before Christmas. Just like the gravy at dinner time, no doubt he or she shall be passed to me last!  :-)  (I can wait) It is going to be an unusual and, quite welcome experience sharing this grandchild with other grandparents.

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