I was concerned when things fell apart back in the early summer of 2009 for Daisy that she would have to raise Josh on her own and manage her education. I need not have worried as along came Sean.

He has taken on a huge responsibility in raising Josh as his own, a new relationship, his own college course and, he has risen to the challenge.

Of course, not everything has gone smoothly, there are always going to be pressures along the way, pressures enough for a biological father in a relationship with a new child let alone a 17 year old father. But, for a 17 year old taking on this challenge he has been incredible. It is obvious to see the love he has for both Daisy and Josh. The way he has matured in just a few short months is to his great credit.


It makes me ever so proud to have Sean as part of this family and raising my eldest grandchild.

I am aware that some people have wondered what Sean’s role was within the household and felt awkward as to whether to call him Josh’s dad or not. Well, I think the evidence is there to be seen, Sean ‘is’ Josh’s dad. Not biologically, he’d never try to replace his biological dad, but in all the ways that being a dad are important, Sean is the man for the job.

Great credit must also go to Daisy of course. A child so young and a full time education to manage is never going to be easy. Motherhood seems to come naturally to her and I am very proud indeed.



In life we never know how long things are going to last but I certainly hope

Daisy and Sean have a very happy future together.


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