This will be the very last blog entry of 2009 … shit, no it won’t …. this is the very first blog entry of 2010 …

34 minutes into this new year and, you know what? I really doesn’t feel a lot different … actually, no different at all!

Who are the first non family members I spoke to?

Paul … Andy … erm, several other people in the background who I could not quite understand but something about Jack Daniels so it had to be good.

The first thing I did this year?

Got a lump in my throat cos I suddenly remembered what Midnight on NYE was like when I was a kid, happy times.

Mr Random, Josh … yay, he’s funny.

Danny, never answers me any more, that’s what distance does for you.

Thanks to all those people who sent me a message whose number I don’t have in my phone. I have no idea who you are but it was a nice thought all the same …

Right, back to my Spitfire and then, quite possibly, a second JD and Coke (hick)

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