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All went down this evening so very few email are getting through and 10 websites are dead in the water! OK, I hope ‘NOT’ in the water else they will never come back!

On another note, my ear has not yet cleared up, indeed, it has got worse so I guess I shall have to find time later this week to go to the docs and waste some time. As I am there anyway some time Weds to collect some repeats, it may be a good idea to call for an emergency appointment and get some antibiotics.

On yet another subject, earlier on today I was asked if someone was doing the right thing?

I am never really totally sure how to answer that sort of question. There are extremes of course, and it depends how close to an extreme each situation is. On the one hand there is the person asking if they are doing the right thing getting a taxi into town when it is raining and they can afford it, the answer is quite straightforward.

However, at the other extreme, if someone asks … I am an alcoholic, do you think it’s a good idea to stop drinking … well, it is a no brainer, obviously BUT … they are an alcoholic. For years they have lied about the problem, they have deceived to keep it secret, lied about where the money is going, lied where they were … all a lot of lies so, when they say, should they stop drinking? How much can be believed about the level of commitment? Not only that, no doubt a person has heard it all before and nothing came of it then so, why now? What assurances can an alcoholic give that this time they are serious? That this time they are not just saying the right things but secretly drinking? All I can think of is, documents, letters, proof of some kind because, the reality of that situation is, no one is ever going to believe them, they really do carry the burden of proof.

It’s a difficult one and, to be honest, the person who spoke to me earlier doesn’t really match either but, even so, it made answering the question, really quite difficult. One of the most troubling aspects is that, I want to believe this person is telling the truth but, I cannot take their word for it, it simply isn’t worth anything any longer. As a friend, I want to believe but, I can’t. I need proof. Worst thing is, I am probably not even on a level of attachment to that person to justify anything so, quite possibly, I never really will know for sure.

Busy day tomorrow (today)

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