I am so not yet better!

Saturday was a totally shite day for me … I mean, horribly, rock bottomly crap.


For the record, District 9 cost $30m to make, the average Hollywood movie is $150m. That means it was a ‘low budget’ movie. Slumdog Millionaire, was $15m, a very low budget movie.


If I can just agree to go to the eastern district or go to Tesco without objecting, I don’t think it is too much to expect someone may volunteer now and then to make a cup of tea especially as they ate my food as well. When someone annoys me, I don’t pack up my toys and walk away, I try and sort it out calmly, make allowances.


For the record, changing a really shitty nappy in the back of a car in the dark is not easy. That there may have been a slight bit of mess left for later is forgivable and, at the time, I did say he’d need to be sorted at home, that I’d done my best for now. I didn’t have to change the nappy at all and I didn’t need to be slagged off for not getting it just so.


It is not unreasonable to ask that babies do not dominate the entire evening in my own home. Yes, they need someone when they need someone but, that doesn’t have to bother everyone else. I love both my grandchildren but, every now and then, it is good to sit down as adults like we used to.


I am sorry if my current depression is not to the liking of everyone, I really cannot turn it off and on. I really think, considering how I am often feeling, that coming across as relaxed and chilled as I do is a small miracle. I don’t want the way I am feeling to effect everyone else but I can’t stop it affecting me it seems. I need you lot to stop arguing about sod all, no bickering, point scoring, devils advocate just relax, be calm and remember we actually love each other, how difficult can that be? Life is not a competition!


It’s 3am, I am shattered, want to cry myself to sleep but am not even sure I’ll be able to get to sleep. Things will seem different tomorrow, but, probably not.


Let’s show some love eh, there has been enough pointless stress caused this past year, totally pointless, how about we try and not let that happen this year? Would it help if I said please?

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