Glorious Wednesday – NOT!

I did get a lay-in (yay) but that is about as far as rest has gone for today.


Apparently I didn’t make good enough arrangements today to go meet someone so they had a shower instead, cost me a fivers worth of fuel for nothing that. As it happens, I’d have not been able to stay long as someone left themselves in an awkward situation which they needed me to sort out for them … I mean, I could have been mean and strung it out a little but, I think they were feeling awkward enough as it was … after that was a short time of nearly relaxing until I checked messages on Facebook and found out someone I am bending over backward to try and help started a message to me along the lines of … “Who the fuck do you think you are?”, charming. Like I have said before, why do some people only ever see the ‘right now’ and ignore everything else … my patience with that person is wearing very thin, very soon I shall not bother and then I think they will see how bad things can get without me working for them behind the scenes!


Sean is feeling a little poop, probably man flu so dosed him up, cooled him down and told him to keep active, I think he shall be OK, probably all the excitement of getting a qualification this week for which we all ever so proud. He’s also got himself some work experience which could lead on to something even more positive and yet another course to ensure he gets more valuable qualifications showing just how much someone can come from nothing to something if they stop blaming their past for what they do now.


I feel quite shattered but amazed to see I actually have a clear diary for tomorrow … it won’t last.


Friday we are hoping to get to see Jermaine though we can never be quite certain. As it is his birthday we are going to try and make an extra special effort.

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