Busy Weekend

As usual, this weekend has been busy … I did plan for Saturday to be ‘my day’ when I could stay in bed if I wanted to as everyone had arranged to go out for the day. That didn’t happen, they were all here instead. I don’t mind, I love them here, but, at the same time, I was still looking forward to my few hours of nothingness … is that even a word?


Sunday was as normal Sundays are except, I stayed in bed until gone 1pm! Yes, believe it or not, I saw the clock a few times and allowed myself to ignore it. I think I must be coming down with something … saying no to people and allowing myself to lay in?


The camera and cam were busy this weekend … below are some edited home movies you may like. I think the one with Matt & Jermaine is long overdue and am hoping it affects him as it did me.


Sylvia gave Josh this lovely ‘pink’ bouncy thing and he seems to really enjoy it

Immy & Josh are hopefully going to grow up having loads of fun together

I found this very emotional to make.

I think this is my first video of Imogen, she’s adorable!

Josh at the end of January … seems only a few days ago we were wandering around Tesco, eating KFC and waiting for it all to happen

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