Section 28 … this time for God!


Once again religions, organisations based on nothing more than an idea that something they cannot prove, exists, have been able to manipulate equality law to their own advantage.


Effectively, as the amendment to the PHSE bill state, they can fashion their PHSE in a way which reflects their faith whilst they must still teach about all aspects within the curriculum.


How difficult is it going to be to make that one work?


I can imagine a Catholic school teaching thus:


“The government demands we teach of homosexuality which is a pretended relationship between two people of the same gender who engage in sexual acts our Lord, Jesus Christ describes as heinous. Some of you may, indeed, feel you could be homosexual, we pray to the Lord for you. Whilst it is legal within the UK it is not acceptable within the bounds of our faith. Those engaging in these disagreeable encounters should ensure they use a condom for protection against sexual transmitted diseases. His holyness, the Pope, condemns the use of condoms and an affront against God himself but, if you feel the need to go against the wishes of the church then may God forgive you my children.”


Now, how far removed from what the law says they can get away with is that? My guess is, it is close enough to the letter of the law that no school will ever be prosecuted. Quite soon governors of other state schools will be amending their PHSE so as not to offend those students of certain religions. Once that happens, it is section 28 all over again. There will be no specific law preventing the full spectrum of SRE but, because of fear of getting wrong, schools will introduce safety measures, just like before.


I have been listening to interviews I gave as far back as 2000, 2003 and 2007 and, you know what, nothing has really changed. This country is as homophobic as ever it was.

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