Oh boy!

Firstly, sorry Nick for not getting back to you, one hell of a knackering day.


Today was all booked up weeks ago to be my day and Deej’s day to relax and unwind. It was meant to start being that at 9:15, it started to not be that at 9:25!


Clear instructions had been left on what and, more importantly, should not happen but, that all went tits up soon enough. Things continued to get worse throughout the day and by mid afternoon I had a whole heap of shite to deal with.


Most things are now OK but, another busy weekend seems to be on the cards though, as usual, I actually have no idea what is happening.


In a little while I am going to try and sort out some loose ends from today, I suspect that’s gonna go tits up too so best get it all out of the way on tits up day!


Some people (unrelated to today) seem to like and try and shite on me from a great height. I don’t know it is jealousy or that they are generally just arseholes but, I don’t have the energy to deal with them. I will find the energy but it’s coming off other things.


People, if you don’t want me to do a better job then get off your arses and do a good job in the first place! When you sit on your arse pretending to be amazing, don’t try and feed shit that makes my life more difficult. All you are doing is making things worse for the person you failed in the first place.


Think of how you want things to turn out in the long game and stop point scoring. Ultimately, the desired outcome is for everyone to get along isn’t it? Surely that has to be better than the hollow (for one day only) victories of today?


I really have no idea why I am wasting my pixels even mentioning it!

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