This is one election I am not looking forward to. I am old enough to remember the disaster we had under the Conservatives until 1997, I have had a long while under ‘New Labour’.

The Tories created a country devoid of society with the attitude of every person for themselves. It was them too who created the benefit cheat and the disgrace of the single mother. They too promoted homophobia. It was all sleaze and fiddles and refusals to resign. They were out of touch with the everyday man. They believed, still believe that wealth will filter down whereas, we know that the reality is, the rich get richer whilst the workers get poorer. Yes, their leader is the first in a long time to inspire confidence but, he’s a Tory just like any other.

Under New Labour we have seen prices no longer connected any way to inflation. The poorest are seeing their every day expenses that they cannot avoid rising 10-20% annually whilst the Government claim it is only around 2%. The Government suck up to faith groups at the cost of everyone else allowing those with a faith to dictate the law of the land. I doubt never before have we seen so many non UK citizens living on this island. Very few of the good laws brought into the UK have been implemented because this Government thought we should have them, most were enforced by the EU.

So, I am not impressed by either party, I believe more of New Labour is god for the country but bad for the less well off. The Tories taking over will be bad for the country and bad for the less well off. Who does that leave? The Liberal Democrats and, what do we actually know about them? I find it difficult to get any sort of feeling from them on what they stand for. What worries me is their consistency on green issues and, excuse me, but we know that the only thing green about them is the colour of the money it costs everyone in extra tax. I am sick of having so called green issues used as an excuse to increase the price of things yet, I see very little to quantify why it is we need these policies and what, if anything, we actually gain from them.


I may well vote Liberal though, if anything it will be a protest vote against both the other parties. Yes, it is true that voting LD around here may just as well be a vote for the Tories but they will know, if loads vote LD that their winning vote is not a vote of confidence, they will know they were in trouble and have not won because the voters want them but, rather, because they didn’t want either of the two main parties. Let’s watch and see us get a new Tory government with only a third of those who voted having voted for them!

My advice to the undecided, vote Liberal Democrat, show both these complacent parties we are sick of their damn predictability and them both taking the piss with the people of this country

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