Much Awaited

Update cos, apparently, I have not written anything in ages and it simply isn’t good enough!

Photography … am getting into using a proper camera and liking the results .. I have it in my cunning plan to have everyone on my Facebook friends list using one of the pictures I have taken as their profile pictures!

I think, there, that shocked you … but seriously, I think it may be getting to that point where I start actually reading on what does what on one of these digital SLR cameras. I also have to remember to take the darned thing out with me more often.

OK, some updates since the last time:

  • Josh did a visit to the hospital, all OK at the moment with the Spherocytosis. The current thinking is the leave a splenectomy as long as possible with a view to avoiding it if at all possible.
  • James has been seeing Josh regularly for a week now, all seems to be going well though today, for some reason, not so but then, there did seem to be a general atmosphere here that was generally unsettled. I am not overly concerned about it, normal family stuff I guess.
  • Have decided that the Citroen Picasso is just not big enough and asked if I could change to an alternate. I don’t hold out much hope.
  • This week seems to be quite busy yet, apart from a trip to Birmingham on Tuesday evening to see Alice in Wonderland, I can’t really see that there is much happening at all so, why do I think it is busy?
  • Did a trip down to Kent to see my Dad, all went well though, as usual, knackering.

Am already sick of the run up to the as yet unannounced general election. Both main parties seem to be totally unwilling to explain their own policies and would rather concentrate on what the other lot are doing instead … this really just helps me stick with my theory that they are both so similar that neither is now worth voting for and need to be removed from their positions. Problem there is, the Liberal Democrats are so far behind it is near on impossible for them to take over the slot from either the other two and not helped either by a media who insist on only ever reporting that we are either going to have a Conservative or Labour government come June … so much for free and unbiased television.

Am sick of Global Warming. In the 1970’s we had the cold war when any minute we would get a three minute warning before the world as we know it would end. Hell, I remember talk of another ice age by erm, 2010 as it happens and, the world as we know it would come to an end. It seemed also that the hole in the ozone layer was growing at such an alarming rate that by the new millennium, we would all be seriously be affected by the climate change … yes, clearly not so seeing as none of these ‘freak’ meteorological occurrences are actually freak at all, they have all happened before and way before we used nasty CFC’s and through our old fridges into the atmosphere. The entire planet would be killed off by mad cow disease, likewise with swine flu  … guess what. we’re still here. You know, by the time I am 36 the entire oil reserves on the planet will have run out and we shall all be driving electric cars … hmm, yes, that would be a decade ago now.

What we have is a very good excuse for raising extra revenue by so called ‘green’ taxation. Hype the price of fuel to make sure that we use our cars less and preserve the planet. What utter bullshit. What actually happens is that this government and governments before this found a way of taxing the poorest without it being as obvious as raising income tax. Indeed, so good is this green taxation that not only are those at work paying it but also those on the very lowest state and disability benefits are paying for it. It doesn’t even matter they don’t have a car. High fuel prices also equate to higher prices on the things which everyone has to buy as the haulage companies pass on their costs to the consumer. This is all before we forget the huge amount of profits energy companies and oil companies are making whilst continuing to raise prices on gas an electricity. Always we hear the same thing, how they bought the raw material when the price was higher so that the current decrease cannot be passed on yet, when they happen to buy low, they cannot pass on the saving as the revenue is needed as investment in future resource! Some of these companies make profits higher than the GDP of many other ‘countries’, that cannot be right as it is, once again, the poorest contributing most to their huge wealth. I pay around £2000 every year in VAT, that is a lot of money for someone on state benefits. Actually, that figure is an ‘at least’ one as it is based on nothing more than my direct debits and standing orders. It doesn’t include what I consider to be luxury items such as gifts, clothing and days away.

Can’t go to bed too late, I am up tomorrow at 7:30 smile_sad so, this shall be it for this blog entry

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