Why can I never get above that certain percentage?

Why is it that no matter how hard I try, for everything that goes right in my life, something else has to go equally wrong to counter it and, more often than not, to tip the balance away from right and down into very right?

What I want most out of life (apart from world peace) is to help people, make them happy and, in return, to have some happiness myself and, just maybe, some appreciation and the slightest degree of effort put back. All too often though I am on this single handed attempt to do the right thing up against those who have to see the worst in me.

I am not perfect, I am anything but perfect. Why then, if I am not God, do I often feel my world stops if I am not about or, if not ‘stops’ then falls apart?

I will keep going as long as I can find the energy but I have been on reserve power for a long time now and I cannot find a charging point so, soon I’ll be spent

No matter what though I am going to work with people who make life worth living, who I can see need me.

Seeing people I love torn apart by thoughtlessness and and pointless bickering is doing my head in, what’s that all about? With all the wicked things there are on this planet, can’t we all just get along? In the great scheme of things, even within our own small circle, these arguments are insignificant. It’s sometimes like, life is so boring that some shit needs to be thrown in to make it interesting … hey, I don’t need this sort of interesting!

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