Long time, no blog

Firstly, I am nearly over my recent illness which has been with me now about 3 weeks. It wasn’t nice and managed to put me totally out of action for a couple of days.

Apart from that illness, my life, right now, is going very well. Yes, I am aware of a few things which could screw all that up any time now but, I am not about to start fretting about what might happen.

Someone who I don’t really know has been giving one of my family members a hard time recently. Bottom line is, they have told him that, either he does whatever they tell him or they will disown him. How sick is that? I thought my family were bad. If that is the way they treat each other I think they deserve everything they get!

I am pleased to say that many of the problems of the past as long since over now and we can look forward to a better future on several family fronts. I am so proud to be seeing the family pulling together to support each other.

My phone is flipping annoying! All too often, by the time I get to hear a ring tone, the caller has gone to voicemail. It just takes too long from the time it receives an incoming call until when it notifies me.

Have ordered a replacement car for later on this year. It is bigger and will suit our needs better.

Well, short but sweet (just like me)

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