Who made the clocks go faster?

Why are there never enough hours in the day?

I had stuff to do today and now ‘today’ was yesterday, indeed, yesterday was 2:24 minutes ago and, tomorrow, which is today, needs to start in about 5 hours.

On a different note, why are some people so damn stubborn?

Being ‘of an age’ shows me the mistakes that many young people don’t even know exist. How can someone so young comprehend time in any way which relates to them? I know I couldn’t when I was in my teens and early twenties even. If a person was more than 30 then, to be brutally honest, they just as well have been a different species. When a person is young like that, it’s near impossible to understand that someone over 30 used to be their age and do the same sort of thing, think the same sort of way. By the time they realise it, they have a list of mistakes to live with.

I am 47, I have two major regrets in my life. One I try to avoid every day of my life ever making again and that was saying I was too busy to help someone. The other I just have to live with. The woman who loved me, who raised me and was my life, died all on her own in a hospital bed 24 year ago last Saturday. Someone she loved should have been there. I don’t want to die on my own, it is the only fear I have of death.

Basically, what I am saying here is, no one should mess with their emotions, screw your body up if you have to but, never say no to people unless you have to. Money and other stuff cannot compare to the love of a good person. If we are loved we cannot be more wealthy.

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