I did have a lovely day in Southend today. It was great to be out with the family and see Josh’s face trying new things. It was marred by some texts from someone having a go at me for something, actually, that really hurt more than I think they have any comprehension.

Later, I also found out that someone had lied to me big time, the sort of lie which changes the entire meaning of everything I thought was true and worth working for. I am not going into details here, not the right place and no one else’s business but, I know and that person will know, that’s good enough for me.

I have managed to find someone keen enough to take over as Zoey’s personal assistant, very pleased to have found someone so quickly and I so hope they will rise to the challenge and make a real go of it. I think it will be good for him and for Zoey.

Now I have to plan the my brain around Javis not being part of our lives, I am not sure how long it is going to take to get used to that concept? Javis has been part of my life now for 2 years, his not being around is going to seem very weird indeed. I may never know his reasons for leaving but, I am told, it was always going to happen. One of those situations where everyone else can see it coming except stupid blinkered old me. I have to stop getting so attached to people.

Looking forward to Disney in November, we’ve been saving really hard for it, all of us and I am sure it’ll be amazing. May also be going along with Robin over to France in October, looking forward to finding out what he wants to do.

Am also really looking forward to Gran Canaria next year. If I can save enough Tesco vouchers they will be for the entire cost of the holiday leaving us lot just to find the spending money.

Some events to look forward to this month and next, should be good … if I can just cheer myself up!

On another downer, I finished the amazing bottle of Jack Daniels which Robin bought me for my birthday last night  🙁

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